Are Smart Locks better?

Smart locks, also known as electronic locks, can be considered better because they offer greater functionality. In terms of security against theft, they are generally more secure, but we cannot assert with 100% certainty that they provide greater security compared to conventional locks. This will depend on their quality and technology. In other words, a high-quality conventional lock can be more secure than a cheap and lower-quality smart lock.

Among the additional features of smart locks, the most common and essential ones offered by most brands are:

  • Instant notification to your mobile device in case of unauthorized access attempts to your home.
  • Password change at any time.
  • Creation of temporary passwords for guests. This is very useful for vacation rentals or for homes or offices with external cleaning services.
  • Door opening through mobile devices, contactless cards, fingerprints, or digital password entry on a panel.
  • Instant locking of the door in person or remotely. This is particularly important when you’re away on a trip for a few days.

Therefore, electronic locks may not necessarily provide greater security, but they do offer many functionalities that can be very useful depending on our needs. Throughout this article, we will analyze various aspects of smart locks. However, if you prefer to install a conventional lock once you know that these digital locks may not necessarily provide greater security, you might find our article on “Which are the most secure locks in the world?” interesting.


What happens if I forget the password to my door?

If you forget the password to your electronic lock or lock it by entering the wrong password repeatedly, you have the option to reset it or obtain a new one through your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Additionally, some companies offer emergency access through emergency keys and a telephone service.

Naturally, it is recommended not to write down the password in your wallet, mobile phone, or any other easily accessible place. It is also especially important to assign a password to your lock that is sufficiently complex and unrelated to your personal data.

By doing so, avoid using passwords based on special personal dates like anniversaries or simple passwords like 1234. While using such passwords might make it easier for you to remember them, they create a serious vulnerability in your home, as an intruder could easily guess random numbers based on your easily obtainable personal data.

Lastly, it is important not to provide the password to strangers or third parties. However, if you do, it is recommended to create an additional temporary password through your mobile phone for that person to enter for a specific period of time. After that period, the password will expire, and the person will no longer be able to enter your house with the temporary password you provided.


What additional security features do smart locks offer?

Essentially, the fact that smart locks require an additional digital element in addition to the mechanical lock system represents an additional obstacle for any intruder attempting illegal entry into our home. However, that’s not the only benefit. Depending on the type of lock, we can obtain greater security through:

  1. Instant alerts to your mobile device in case of attempted break-ins.
  2. Audible alarm to deter thieves in case of forced entry.
  3. Integrated door camera for viewing the exterior of the door through your mobile phone or computer. For this functionality, it is important to know that if the door faces a courtyard, there should be no issues. However, if the door faces a landing or the street, permission must be obtained from the homeowners’ association or the municipality, respectively.


Do smart locks have any drawbacks?

Like any new generation product, smart or electronic locks offer advantages but also drawbacks compared to their predecessors, especially if we acquire low-cost models. Among the most common drawbacks, we could highlight three:

  1. Potential vulnerabilities to hackers who may obtain our password. On our part, we must make sure to remember a password of certain complexity and not write it down anywhere to minimize this possibility.
  2. Possible software errors that could create a problem for us when entering our own home.
  3. Access to our private information about our entries and exits through Wi-Fi waves emitted by the lock, which could be maliciously intercepted. This can happen if we acquire a less sophisticated model that doesn’t encrypt such information securely.

For all these reasons, it is not recommended to acquire just any smart lock. Just because it’s called “smart” doesn’t mean it won’t have certain vulnerabilities. It is important to gather information about the quality, reputation, and guarantees of the brand and model of the electronic lock you are acquiring to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Where to buy an electronic lock?

The best advisor who can guide us regarding the ideal lock for our home is a local locksmith. They will have firsthand knowledge of the robberies occurring in your area and the methods used to manipulate locks. Therefore, your local locksmith is the best expert to advise you on your choice of the ideal lock to achieve maximum protection and security for your home. Try to avoid or at least carefully analyze big offers on the price of smart locks. They could be discontinued or outdated models that are currently vulnerable to theft, being sold at a reduced price to clear out stock. That’s why it is highly advisable to seek advice from a reputable professional locksmith.


Is it easy and quick to install a digital lock?

If we are referring to the primary and basic lock on our door, the answer is quite simple: it is very easy for a professional locksmith, but it will be very complicated or even impossible for us.

Furthermore, keep in mind that if a locksmith installs it for us, we will have the complete guarantee of the correct functioning of our door, and in case any problem arises, they can help us and solve it quickly.

Also, it’s very possible that certain specific models of smart locks cannot be installed on our door, only some of them; on the other hand, maybe we already have a lock that is compatible with a smart lock system, so we wouldn’t need to purchase the entire lock mechanism.

For all these reasons, trying to save some money by purchasing locks online on our own, without being experts in the matter, can end up being very costly.

On the other hand, regarding additional security locks for our door, which are often electronic nowadays, it is possible to install them ourselves. These types of locks are called invisible locks, and most of them have numerous advantages:

  1. They are not visible externally. In this way, if a burglar manages to force the main lock of our house, in addition to having an additional lock that prevents entry into our home, this lock remains out of the sight of the burglar, who would have no option to force it and would give up their attempt.
  2. They have multiple functionalities. Locking and unlocking through remote controls or mobile phones, the possibility of temporarily authorizing third parties to operate them, receiving alerts and notifications on mobile devices, etc.
  3. Easy self-installation. Anyone with basic tools can quickly and safely install this type of lock themselves. In the following link, we present a very comprehensive invisible lock that offers high performance.


What happens if the batteries in my electronic lock run out?

Normally, these locks have a low battery warning, so we can anticipate changing the battery before it runs out. Additionally, some locks offer one of the following three options:

  1. Emergency external charging with a mobile device.
  2. External battery replacement.
  3. Opening the door with emergency keys. However, it’s important to note that the batteries in these locks have a long lifespan, and they do not need to be changed frequently, even if there are many occupants in the same house and the lock is used frequently.


Can an electronic lock malfunction?

Since these are devices with memory and software, there is a possibility of sporadic software errors or issues caused by hackers that may pose problems when entering the house.

For this reason, it’s important to purchase models from reputable brands that have extensive experience and have tested their products in the market for a considerable period of time.

Additionally, if our door is not located in a hallway but directly facing the street, it’s important to buy a lock specifically designed for this use, as it will be exposed to sunlight, rain, and humidity.


Can a smart lock be installed on any door?

The market for electric locks is booming, and we are finding more solutions for all types of doors and access points. Our professional locksmith will have no problem finding the right solution for our needs, whether it’s an old or new apartment door, a shop roller shutter, interior office doors, and more.

Only in very specific cases of very old doors, it may be necessary to replace the door in order to install a smart lock, but this is usually not the case. In general, there should be no problems with installation, and even if the door is very modern, it may be feasible to install a smart lock based on the previously installed lock system, saving a significant amount of money.


Do electronic locks work during a power outage?

Smart locks mostly operate on batteries or electric power, so there is no risk of being locked out of our house during a power outage.

Similarly, there is no need to worry about battery depletion, as a low battery LED indicator will inform us in advance of the need to replace them. It’s also worth noting that these batteries have a long lifespan and do not require frequent replacement.



Whether we want to increase the security of our home or add additional smart home features to our entry access, installing an electronic lock is the most interesting option currently available. Consult with a professional locksmith to get advice on the appropriate model for your home.

If you simply want to add additional security and extra smart home features to the main door of your house, installing an invisible lock is the most interesting option for you. Remember, you can purchase such a lock online and easily install it yourself.