Are anti-theft alarms effective?

Most likely, we have considered buying an anti-theft alarm system simply because there have been robberies in our neighborhood and some neighbors are installing private security systems. The natural feeling that arises is insecurity, as we think, “I will be the only one without an alarm, and that’s why thieves will come to my house before they go to my neighbors’ houses that have an alarm. Is that true?

Indeed, anti-theft alarms, as statistics show, work mainly due to their incredible deterrent effect. Understandably, thieves have countless houses to break into, and they will act based on the principle of least effort. Why on earth would they try to rob a house that has an alarm, which requires more effort and poses a greater risk of being caught? For this reason, they will always try to rob houses without alarms.

It is also worth noting that alarms work because they fulfill their purpose in many instances. In other words, if burglars attempt to enter a house and the alarm system is triggered, they are likely to abandon their attempt and flee the scene due to the imminent arrival of the police.


Are anti-theft alarms infallible?

While having an alarm guarantees a lower probability of robbery, it should be noted that no system is infallible. All alarms on the market have some vulnerability and are susceptible to interception, manipulation, or blocking through methods such as alarm jammers, hacking, power source shutdown, or simple password theft.

Certainly, the newer, more exclusive, and technologically advanced our alarm system is, the lower the probability of theft we will have, as professional criminal gangs will not have developed an effective method to overcome them yet. However, it is only a matter of time before they do and eventually become capable of acting with total impunity despite the alarm’s installation.

Therefore, the only way to minimize the chances of burglary in our house to the maximum extent is by installing an alarm and periodically updating it after a few years. In fact, it is highly likely that the security company that installed the alarm will contact us years later to offer a newer and more modern alarm system that is even more secure.


How much do alarms cost?

Basically, there are two types of alarms:

  1. Alarms with a central monitoring service. We will have to pay for their installation and subsequently a monthly fee for the management of the alarm service, making them more expensive in the long run. In other words, when the alarm is triggered, the security company itself will call us and carry out the necessary checks to determine if it is a false alarm or a burglary, in which case they will directly notify the police.
  2. Alarms without a central monitoring service. The alarm company will install the security system, and that’s where it ends. Therefore, since we only have to pay a one-time fee without subsequent monthly payments, these alarms are much more cost-effective in the long run. With this type of self-monitoring device, when the alarm is triggered, we will receive a notification on our mobile phone, and we will have to handle the situation ourselves.

Regarding the specific cost of installation and fees, there is a wide range of prices. They will depend on three factors:

A) Company

B) Quality of the installed alarm system

C) Size and number of access points in the house

As expected, the more prestigious the alarm company, the higher the quality of the installed alarm, and the larger the size and number of access points in our house, the higher the price and fee for our alarm.

To compare all the available options on the market, it is best to use an online alarm price comparison tool. It is important to carefully analyze the offers and contract what interests us, as not all alarms offer the same services or have the same quality. Additionally, it is crucial to be cautious and pay attention if the offer includes an initially low monthly fee that is later increased in subsequent months.


Is it possible to install an alarm by ourselves?

Indeed, it is possible. If we choose this option, we will save a significant portion of the cost of the alarm and its installation, as well as the monthly fee. It should be noted that we will be responsible for managing its installation and subsequent management, which frankly is not overly complicated.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these self-installable alarms, we recommend the following alarm, which you can purchase at an incredible price. It offers multiple functionalities and high-quality accessories, allowing you to customize and install your own alarm system according to the characteristics of your house. 


Can anti-theft alarms fail?

Not only can they fail, but in fact, they do fail and give false signals very frequently, either spontaneously or due to user error.

According to statistics, specifically 90% of alarm alerts are false signals, which has been causing dissatisfaction among the police for a long time. To avoid this, security companies have made and continue to make technical improvements to minimize the number of false alarms throughout the year. Additionally, these companies are already verifying before contacting the police that, in case of an alert, an actual robbery is taking place and it is not a false alarm.

Despite all these efforts, there are still many cases of false alarm reports to the police, which means that they will not immediately come to the affected property unless there are sufficient indications of an obvious and flagrant robbery. Instead, typically after a certain time has passed since the generation of the alert, the police will arrive to check that everything is in order, which is usually the case in the majority of situations.

It is important to know that legally, there is no risk of any wrongdoing for giving a false alarm to the police, as the alarm company notifies them if we have a central monitoring service through a security company.


What can I do if I forget the password for my alarm system?

The important thing is not to panic. If we are outside our home and have not yet dialed the number, we can call the company’s assistance service in advance, which, after some personal questions, will provide us with our password.

If we have already entered the wrong password, it is possible that the alarm has been triggered. Don’t worry, the security company will contact us and, after some verification questions, will confirm that it is a false alarm.


Will my alarm system turn off if the power goes out?

No, as alarms have internal battery systems that will power them in the event of a power outage.

Only in the case of a prolonged blackout, it is possible that the battery may eventually run out. To determine if this could be the case, refer to the instructions of your alarm system, which will specify the exact battery life.



If you are concerned about the security of your home, based on the available data, installing an alarm system is one of the most effective ways to minimize the likelihood of experiencing a robbery.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on installation but still want to enhance the security of your home, buying an alarm system on your own is the best option, as you can easily purchase and install one at a low cost without any issues. Moreover, you can conveniently and simply manage it from your own mobile phone.

On the other hand, if you desire maximum security and want to have peace of mind, consider the services of a professional alarm company to install the alarm model that best suits your home.