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10 Tips to prevent mobile phone theft

Mobile phones are highly valued technological devices in today’s market, which is why they have become coveted objects for pickpockets and criminal gangs.

Here are 10 principles to help you avoid mobile phone theft in your daily life:


1. Keep your mobile phone in inner pockets

When storing your mobile phone, always avoid using back pockets, as they are the worst option. It is also not recommended to keep it in front pockets that are easily accessible.

The best practice is to keep your mobile phone in inner pockets that are hidden and inaccessible from the outside. Such pockets are commonly found in jackets, coats, and vests. Although it may be slightly inconvenient to access your phone from these pockets, the high level of security they provide makes it worthwhile.

In summer, it can be challenging to find garments with these pockets, but there are increasingly more summer clothes, such as shorts or tank tops, with anti-theft pockets: inner pockets located at the front, double zippers, etc.


2. Use anti-theft backpacks to store your mobile phone

If you frequently carry bags with you while walking on the street, make sure to use an anti-theft backpack. These backpacks have hidden and inaccessible compartments that can only be accessed through concealed zippers. By keeping your mobile phone stored in one of these backpacks and wearing it, it will be nearly impossible for someone to steal your phone. Just be cautious and avoid situations where someone could steal your backpack, such as when sitting in restaurants or public seats.

There are multiple designs, colors, textures, sizes, materials, etc., available. For example, you can find an incredible anti-theft backpack with a great design by following this link.


3. Be cautious in outdoor seating areas and public zones

When sitting in outdoor seating areas of restaurants and bars, it is common to relax and let our guard down, thinking that simply leaving our mobile phone visible is enough to keep it safe. This is a serious mistake since these situations are ideal and frequently exploited by criminal gangs to snatch mobile phones and flee. Keep in mind that while seated and with our attention elsewhere, our reaction time will be nearly zero, making it impossible to catch the thief once they escape with the loot.

Therefore, if you are not using your mobile phone while sitting in outdoor seating areas, it is advisable to keep it well-hidden. If you do use it, make sure to hold it securely in your hands and under your control at all times.

Similarly, in any other public place, even if not on the streets (such as movie theaters, gyms, beaches, etc.), take extra precautions and always store your mobile phone when not in use.


4. Avoid talking in crowded areas

Avoid talking on your mobile phone in densely crowded areas. Holding your phone with one hand and being focused on the conversation makes it easy for someone to snatch your phone and disappear within the crowd. Since it would be impossible to catch the thief amidst the masses, it is best to avoid such situations.


5. Stay away from transport entrances

Public transportation is a favorite spot for mobile phone users to browse the internet, use their favorite apps, or send messages, as it provides idle time. However, be cautious about standing near transport entrances, as thieves take advantage of the opening and closing moments to grab your phone from your hands. In an instant, you may find yourself inside the transport without your phone, while the thief escapes with it.


6. Be suspicious of people who approach you on the street

When you are in a public space and suddenly a group of people approaches you, asking for help, offering you a gift, or engaging in any other situation that diverts your attention, be wary and take extra precautions. It could be a criminal gang attempting to distract you while one person steals from you and another flees with the loot.


7. Don’t leave your mobile phone visible in your car

If you are traveling by car, always lock the doors using the central locking system while you are inside. Any stop at a stop sign or traffic light could be an opportunity for someone to open your door and snatch your phone or any other belongings inside.

When parking your car and leaving your mobile phone behind, make sure to store it securely and out of sight from the outside. Breaking a car window and stealing what’s inside is quite easy.


8. Never leave your phone unattended

There are many situations where we leave our phones unattended because we don’t have any other option (for example, going to the beach and wanting to swim) or because we think it’s harmless if it’s just for a moment (for example, leaving your phone on a machine at the gym while you go to drink water from the fountain). Avoid these behaviors whenever possible, as there could always be someone lurking, waiting for these opportunities.


9. Be careful when texting on the street

Avoid exchanging messages in public while walking and crossing paths with people, as this increases the risk of someone taking advantage of your distraction and snatching your phone from your hands. If you need to send a message, find a momentarily secluded or less crowded spot and send it there. It will be more comfortable for you, and you’ll avoid the risk of becoming a victim of theft.


10. Beware of wired headphones

Listening to music while walking is enjoyable, but using wired headphones makes you vulnerable because you’re indicating where your phone is stored. Therefore, make sure your phone is securely stored in an inner pocket that is inaccessible from the outside, or alternatively, use wireless headphones.


What to do if your phone is stolen?

If you are a victim of a mobile phone theft, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that it has indeed been stolen: It’s possible that you may have misplaced it or left it in another location. Before taking action, make sure it has genuinely been taken from you.
  2. Report the theft to the police: File a report with the police. This will help you recover your phone if the criminal gang is apprehended. Additionally, if you have theft insurance, filing a police report will be necessary to receive coverage.
  3. Lock your phone and apps: If your phone was turned on and had any apps open, changing passwords will make those apps inaccessible. Additionally, you can block your phone using its IMEI number.
  4. Unlink your phone from your apps: Once you change your passwords, the thief could still easily recover them since they have your phone and may receive new passwords sent to it. It’s important to prioritize unlinking financial applications such as banks, brokers, investment platforms, etc., as they are the most sensitive.
  5. Alert family and acquaintances: To prevent possible scams where the thief pretends to be you and urgently asks your contacts for money, inform them of the situation.
  6. Request a duplicate SIM card from your mobile service provider: You can keep your number, and once you activate the duplicate SIM card, even if the thief still has your original SIM card, it will be inactive. At this point, you can re-link your phone to all your apps and services.


Extra tips to prevent mobile phone theft:

  • Make a note of your IMEI code: Keep a record of your phone’s IMEI code, as it will allow you to block it at any time.
  • Use password protection: Lock your phone with a security password so that anyone who steals it cannot access your personal information without entering the password.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: To enhance security, in addition to a password lock, you can add another layer of security through a second verification using biometric data like your face or fingerprint.
  • Activate “Find My Device” feature: Most mobile devices have this feature or a similar one that allows you to locate your phone via GPS, remotely lock it, emit an alert, view basic information, and erase all its contents.
  • Install a tracking app: If you don’t have the above feature, you can use a tracking app that will provide you with GPS coordinates to help you find your phone in case of loss or theft.
  • Regularly back up your data: In the event of loss, theft, or damage, your personal information (documents, photos, contacts, etc.) will be safe if you regularly back up your data. You can back up to the cloud or an external memory card.
  • Encrypt your content: For added security, you can protect the most sensitive information on your phone by encrypting it.
  • Install antivirus software: Even if your phone isn’t stolen, you can still have your information stolen through malware, which can also affect mobile devices. To protect yourself from these information thefts, you can install antivirus software (even a free version provides good protection).
  • Wireless alarm systems: If you have a very expensive phone or one with highly sensitive information, there are Bluetooth-connected alarm systems available. If the phone moves away from a small device that can be used as a keychain, an alert will sound, and the phone will be locked.

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