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19 Keys to prevent burglaries at home during your vacation

If you’re going on vacation and your house will be empty for a period of time, it’s important to take some precautions and security measures to minimize the possibility of a burglary. In fact, as statistics confirm, the month of August, when most people in Spain take their vacations, is by far the month with the highest number of burglaries.

But there’s nothing to fear. By adopting a series of basic and affordable measures, you can feel at ease and have the certainty that you’re unlikely to become a victim of a burglary. Below are the 19 keys to achieving this objective:


1. Install an invisible lock

A very effective way to enhance the security of your door and make it virtually impenetrable is by installing an invisible lock. These locks can be obtained at a relatively low cost compared to the level of security they provide, and you can even install them yourself.

Invisible locks are installed on the inside of the door, remaining hidden from view on the outside. Therefore, if an intruder manages to force the main lock, the door will still remain inaccessible due to the presence of the invisible lock, which cannot be tampered with since the intruder won’t even know its location.

Moreover, most invisible locks come with advanced technology that offers additional features such as remote or mobile phone-controlled locking and unlocking, temporary authorizations for others to operate the lock, and mobile notifications for alerts, among others.

If you’re interested in installing an invisible lock, you can check out the following link where we showcase an incredible, high-quality invisible lock at a relatively affordable price. It even comes with a free mobile application that allows you to control the lock at all times when you purchase the mobile connection kit.


2. Install an alarm

The data clearly shows that alarms work, and by installing one and placing signs indicating their presence, the rate of residential burglaries decreases significantly. You may be hesitant due to the high cost of hiring the services of typical alarm companies seen in advertisements. If that’s the case, you can opt to install an alarm system yourself. Nowadays, there are numerous alarms available on the market that offer high security at a low cost and can be managed through a mobile phone, allowing you to ensure the security of your home during your trip without any issues.


3. Don’t publicize your vacation plans unnecessarily

Since most burglaries occur when homes are unoccupied, it’s crucial that only trusted individuals are aware of your departure. Be careful about flaunting your upcoming trip on social media. Remember that you’re sharing sensitive information about the dates when your home will be vacant, and anyone can take advantage of the opportunity.


4. Create the illusion of occupancy with indoor lighting

To give the impression that someone is home, you can purchase programmable plugs at a very low price and connect a couple of lamps. This will easily make your residence appear occupied at a minimal cost. These plugs are straightforward to program and can even be connected to the internet, allowing you to control them from your mobile phone. Here’s a smart plug with these features available at an incredible price.


5. Don’t close the blinds completely

Fully closed blinds are a clear sign that nobody is home. If you have automatic blinds, you may be able to program them to open and close or control them directly from your mobile phone. However, if, like most people, you have traditional blinds without motorization, leave them partially open to avoid raising suspicion. If possible, if you’ll be away for an extended period, it’s advisable to have a trusted person occasionally visit your house to adjust the blinds.


6. Keep your mailbox empty

Keep in mind that anyone can see your mailbox, and if it’s overflowing with mail, it’s evident that you’re not at home. Therefore, make sure to empty your mailbox completely before leaving. Additionally, nowadays you can avoid receiving most physical mail by opting for online correspondence services, which are more convenient and secure since nobody can steal your mail, and you can comfortably access it from your computer. Another option, if you’ll be away for a long time, is to ask a neighbor or a trusted family member to periodically empty your mailbox.


7. Install a surveillance camera

Another great deterrent against burglaries is security cameras. By simply installing them and placing signs indicating their presence, you can ensure that no one will want to enter your home. These devices may seem expensive, but the reality is that nowadays they have very affordable prices and offer high-performance and functionality. They can send alerts to your mobile phone when they detect movement, have night vision capabilities, and provide high-quality live video and audio that you can access from your mobile phone or tablet. We recommend a cheap and high-quality camera, which you can find at this link.


8. Create the appearance of activity on your balcony or garden

Never remove all the items from your balcony or garden when you leave. Instead, make it appear as if someone is still there by leaving some objects on the patio table or hanging something on the balcony. Otherwise, your home will give a very bad impression and may even appear abandoned if it stays like that for a long time.


9. Keep your plants healthy

A house with withered plants gives the impression that it’s empty. Therefore, remember to water your plants before you leave if it’s a short period of time. If you’ll be away for a longer period, you can easily install a self-watering system at a reasonable cost. These systems can take care of your plants on your behalf.


10. Be mindful of your doormat

A doormat in front of a door indicates that someone lives there, so never remove it if you live in a house or a villa. However, this can be a drawback in an apartment building, as cleaning services often leave the doormats standing when they clean the stairs. If nobody puts them back in place, it’s evident that the owner hasn’t entered their home since the last cleaning. Therefore, ask the cleaning service to put your doormat back in place after they clean, or ask a trusted neighbor to do it for you. If you don’t have a close relationship or trust with these individuals, or if it seems like too much trouble, it’s best to keep the doormat stored inside your home.


11. Rent out your home for vacations

If you spend long periods away from your primary residence, renting it out can be a good option to keep it occupied and avoid burglaries or squatters. Additionally, you can earn significant rental income that not only helps cover the expenses of your home but also provides additional financial benefits. Don’t worry about managing everything yourself, as there are numerous companies nowadays that can take care of all aspects, including promoting your property, handling rental contracts, receiving and attending to guests, and dealing with legal matters. These companies usually charge a small percentage of the rental income and also provide guarantees for payments and possible damages caused by tenants.


12. House swapping

To ensure that your home is occupied and taken care of, you can consider swapping it with a family member or friend during your vacation. This way, you not only gain security for your home but also enjoy free accommodation at your destination. If you like the idea but don’t have anyone to swap homes with, there are many platforms and apps where you can find like-minded individuals in the country you wish to visit and arrange a house exchange.


13. Install window bars

If you live on the ground floor, mezzanine, or a first floor with low height, it’s advisable to install anti-burglary window bars. This will almost guarantee that no one will enter through the windows due to the complexity of the operation (removing the bars takes a considerable amount of time and creates a lot of noise, which would alert the neighbors).


14. Secure sliding door accesses

If your home has additional entry points through sliding doors that lead to a patio or garden, make sure to secure them not only with their locks but also by installing additional locks to fix the sliding mechanism.


15. Install a good lock on your door

The entrance door of a home is the primary point of entry for burglars in the majority of cases. It’s crucial not to have a cheap or outdated lock, as it would make it very easy for any thief to open it. Consult with a local locksmith, and you’ll see that at a reasonable price, they can provide you with a wide range of high-quality locks with various features that might interest you, especially regarding new smart locks. These locks allow you to enhance your home’s security economically and offer a range of additional services that you can enjoy through your mobile phone, such as managing passwords, opening and closing the door, receiving notifications and alerts, and more.


16. Have a dog and indicate it with a sign

The simple presence of a sign that says “Beware of the dog” will deter any thief from entering our home, not only because the dog may attack but also because there’s a risk that the dog will bark and alert the owners and neighbors. If you decide to go on vacation with your dog, this measure of prevention will still be effective since your sign will be there, and everyone will have seen you entering and leaving the house with your dog.


17. Never leave an emergency key outside the house

As unbelievable as it may seem, many people choose to leave an emergency key just outside the house under a flowerpot or doormat. Don’t even think about it! Consider that if someone uses it to enter your house, it won’t be considered a robbery under the law since there was no violence involved. It will be considered theft, and your home insurance may not cover anything in such a case.


18. Inform a trusted neighbor that you’re leaving

We all know that neighbors hear everything. If you inform a trusted neighbor that you’re away, they can contact you to alert you if they hear any noises or see anything suspicious. Additionally, they can help empty your mailbox and put your doormat back in place in case there’s a communal cleaning service that stands up the doormats when cleaning the stairs.


19. Family assistance

If you’re going on vacation for a long period, it might be a good idea to give your keys to someone you trust so they can check that everything is in order. They can also help water the plants, empty your mailbox, and adjust the blinds to avoid giving the impression that your house is empty.


What to do in case of a burglary?

If you’re a victim of a burglary in your home, you should take the following steps:

  1. Immediately call the police.
  2. Do not touch anything until the police have completed their work. You could tamper with valuable evidence.
  3. Make a list of everything that is missing. If you have receipts for the stolen items, it’s even better.
  4. File a report with the police within 72 hours. The police station will guide you through the necessary steps and the documentation you need to provide, such as identification, the name of your insurance company, and a list of stolen items.
  5. Contact your insurance company, and they will inform you of the steps to follow for filing a claim and receiving coverage.



Our home and all our belongings represent the majority of the assets we have accumulated throughout our lives. It’s not worth taking any risks. By adopting the measures described above that best suit your situation and the characteristics of your home, you can achieve maximum security for your home at a very affordable price and enjoy a peaceful vacation.