How to Prevent Your Car’s Side Mirrors from Being Stolen

The theft of side mirrors is one of those inconveniences that often goes unnoticed until it affects you directly. You wake up, head to your car ready to start the day, and suddenly realize: one or both side mirrors are gone. It’s not just an annoyance and an unexpected expense, but it can also be a major inconvenience as you try to find replacements and schedule a repair.

At stoprobberies.com, we want to help you prevent these unpleasant incidents. Here, we offer a series of practical tips and strategies to prevent your car’s side mirrors from being stolen.

1. Know Your Enemy: Why Are Side Mirrors Stolen?

First, it’s useful to understand why side mirrors are a frequent target. Car side mirrors can be stolen for several reasons:

  • Black market for spare parts: Stolen side mirrors are easily sold on the black market. They are expensive and necessary parts, so there is a constant demand.
  • Vandalism: Sometimes, side mirrors are stolen or damaged simply as an act of vandalism or as part of a larger act of vandalism.
  • Dismantling for parts: Mirrors often contain valuable electronic components, such as heating elements, signal indicators, and adjustment motors, which can be resold.

2. Park in Safe Places

One of the simplest and most effective tips is to be careful when choosing where to park your car. Try to follow these recommendations:

  • Garages and enclosed parking lots: Whenever possible, park in a closed garage or a monitored parking lot.
  • Well-lit areas: If you have to park on the street, choose well-lit areas. Thieves prefer to work in the dark to avoid being seen.
  • Security cameras: Parking near security cameras can deter thieves. If your neighborhood has surveillance cameras, try to park near them.

3. Install Security Devices

There are several security options you can install to protect your side mirrors:

  • Anti-theft screws: Replace the regular screws of your side mirrors with anti-theft screws. These require special tools to be removed, making theft more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Lockable mirror covers: There are covers that can be locked. These covers not only protect the mirror but also make access more difficult.
  • Alarm systems: Some car alarm systems have additional sensors that can detect if someone tries to tamper with the side mirrors. Installing one of these systems can be a valuable investment.

4. Use Visible Deterrents

Thieves tend to go for easy targets. If your car appears well protected, it’s less likely they will attempt to steal it. Here are some ideas:

  • Warning stickers: Place stickers on the windows indicating that your car is protected by a security system. Even if you don’t have the most advanced system, the perception can be enough to deter thieves.
  • Eye-catching mirror covers: Use brightly colored and customized covers for the mirrors. This can make the mirrors less attractive to thieves as they will be easier to identify if someone tries to sell them.

5. Keep an Inventory and Mark Your Mirrors

Keeping a record of your side mirrors and other components can be helpful in case of theft:

  • Photos and records: Take photos of your side mirrors and other valuable car parts. Keep a record of their serial numbers and any other identifying features.
  • Part marking: Consider marking your side mirrors with a unique identifier. This could be a serial number or a mark that only you know. There are services that offer invisible marks that are only visible under ultraviolet light.

6. Be Part of the Community

Community watch is a powerful tool. Connect with your neighbors and create an environment where everyone looks out for each other:

  • Neighborhood watch groups: Participate in neighborhood watch groups. Active presence and constant communication can deter thieves.
  • Neighborhood security apps: Use apps and social media to stay informed about suspicious activity in your area. Timely information can often prevent thefts.

7. Cover Your Mirrors

If you have to leave your car in a place where thefts have been reported, an additional option is to cover your mirrors:

  • Mirror covers: Covers not only protect your mirrors from the weather but can also make them less attractive and visible to thieves.
  • Full car covers: Using a full car cover can be a good way to hide not only the mirrors but also other elements that might attract thieves.

8. Adequate Insurance

Finally, make sure your car insurance covers side mirror theft. Review your policy and consider adding additional coverage if necessary:

  • Spare parts coverage: Some policies offer specific coverage for stolen parts. This can include not only the side mirrors but also other valuable components.
  • Quick assistance: Good insurance not only covers the cost but can also offer quick assistance for repair or replacement, minimizing the inconvenience.


Preventing the theft of your car’s side mirrors requires a combination of preventive measures, security devices, and a proactive attitude. While no method can guarantee 100% protection, applying these tips can significantly reduce the risk and give you greater peace of mind. At stoprobberies.com, we believe that with a little preparation and attention, you can protect your vehicle and avoid becoming a victim of this type of theft. Keep your car and its mirrors safe!