How to Prevent Spoiler Theft from Your Car

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, a spoiler is more than just an aesthetic piece; it’s a tool that enhances the performance and control of the vehicle. However, this prized component is also a common target for thieves. In this article, we will explore various strategies to protect your car’s spoiler and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

  1. Understand the Value of Your Spoiler The first step in protecting your spoiler is understanding its value. Not all spoilers are the same: some are made from expensive materials and designed to improve your car’s aerodynamics and performance. Carbon fiber spoilers or those that are part of limited editions are especially attractive to thieves. Knowing this will help you take your vehicle’s security seriously.
  2. Professional Installation Proper installation is key to making theft more difficult. Ensure your spoiler is installed by a professional using high-quality screws and robust fastening systems. Some specialized shops even offer anti-theft systems specifically designed for spoilers, which may include security screws that require special tools for removal.
  3. Security Screws One of the most effective ways to protect your spoiler is by using security screws. These screws have unique heads that cannot be removed with standard tools. Additionally, you can opt for screw kits that include different types of heads, thereby increasing the difficulty for thieves. Brands like McGard and Gorilla offer reliable and durable options.
  4. Sensors and Alarms Sensors and alarms are not just for the inside of the car. There are security systems you can install to protect external components, like the spoiler. Motion sensors and alarms that activate if someone tries to tamper with your spoiler can be effective deterrents. Some advanced systems even send alerts to your mobile phone, allowing you to take immediate action.
  5. Security Cameras Constant surveillance is one of the best ways to protect your car. Installing security cameras in your garage or parking area can be an excellent preventive measure. Ensure the cameras are well-positioned to cover all possible angles of your car. Additionally, the visibility of the cameras can deter thieves as it increases the risk of being identified.
  6. Secure Parking Where you park your car makes a big difference in its security. Whenever possible, park in well-lit and busy areas. Monitored parking lots or those with security cameras are preferable. If you have access to a garage, use it. A car parked on the street is a much easier target for thieves.
  7. Insurance for Specific Components Checking with your insurance company about coverage for specific car components, like the spoiler, can be a good idea. Some insurance policies offer additional coverage for accessories and modified parts. This not only provides you with a financial safety net in case of theft but also may motivate you to invest in better security measures.
  8. Identification Tags Marking your spoiler with identification tags can help deter thieves and facilitate recovery in case of theft. These tags can be of various types, from discreet engravings to microchips that allow the part to be tracked. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is especially useful as it enables quick and accurate identification.
  9. Community Alert Networks Being part of a community alert network can be a very useful tool. These networks allow neighbors to share information about suspicious activities in the area. A vigilant community is a safe community. Consider joining local watch groups or mobile applications that facilitate communication among neighbors.
  10. Maintain a Low Profile While it may be tempting to show off your car improvements on social media, this can also attract unwanted attention. Posting detailed photos of your spoiler or car modifications can make you a target. Maintain a low profile and share fewer details about your vehicle’s specific upgrades on public platforms.


Your car’s spoiler is a valuable piece in terms of both performance and aesthetics. Protecting it requires a combination of preventive measures, from installing security screws to using advanced surveillance systems. By implementing these strategies, you will not only protect your spoiler but also enhance the overall security of your vehicle.

Remember, prevention is key. Take proactive measures to secure every component of your car and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is protected. At stoprobberies.com, we are committed to helping you keep your car safe and free from any threats. Stay alert and protect what is yours!