How to prevent theft of your electric scooter?

The proliferation of electric scooters in recent years, coupled with the fact that they are valuable items, as well as the existence of a thriving second-hand market for these products, makes them highly desirable to criminals.

Undoubtedly, the best way to prevent your electric scooter from being stolen is to always keep it in secure indoor spaces. If you have to leave it on the street, make use of locks, alarms, or smart locking systems.

Ideally, use your electric scooter for commuting between point A and point B, where you can always store it securely. For example, when going from your home to your office or your parents’ home. Even for a quick visit, make the effort to fold your scooter and take it inside wherever you go. Don’t take the risk of experiencing a completely avoidable theft!


Best tools to prevent theft of your electric scooter on the street

If you have no choice but to park your electric scooter in public, here are the best tools available to prevent theft:

A) Locks: Without a doubt, a lock like this one is the best way to prevent the theft of your electric scooter. It not only hinders or at least makes it difficult for your scooter to be stolen, but it also acts as a deterrent, as the thief knows that breaking the lock will take time and create noise that could alert the owner, neighbors, police, etc. In other words, for a criminal, it is much preferable to avoid the risk and wait for an easier opportunity for theft.

B) Alarms: Alarms are highly deterrent security systems, as they scare away potential thieves, especially when you park your scooter in busy areas. In such cases, no one will attempt to steal an alarmed scooter.

Undoubtedly, the best alarms are those incorporated into brake locks, as they provide complete protection. You can find these types of alarms at a very affordable price by clicking on this link.

C) Mobile App: There are mid-to-high-end electric scooters that allow you to install a mobile app through which you can lock and unlock your scooter. However, make sure that the app provided by the manufacturer is reliable, as some brands have developed unreliable applications that may freeze at any time. Additionally, remember that this security system only immobilizes the scooter for a few hours and does not prevent anyone from carrying it away.

D) Fingerprint: Some high-value scooters currently have ignition systems that only work through fingerprint recognition. The main drawback is if someone damages the fingerprint reader, as it would be impossible to start the electric motor. In such cases, the scooter would need to be unlocked through a mobile app or another alternative method provided by the manufacturer, but none of these options are practical.

E) Passcode: Many brands offer the option to lock and unlock your electric scooter using a password. It is a good security system, but if you decide to use it, make sure that no one sees the code you enter and, of course, remember it at all times.


Appropriate behaviors to prevent electric scooter theft

If you cannot store your electric scooter in an indoor space and must park it on the street, in addition to protecting it with the security measures described above, follow these guidelines:

A) Frequented routes to avoid snatch thefts: When traveling with your electric scooter, it may be tempting to take less crowded routes to reach your destination quickly. However, this poses a higher risk, as someone could simply snatch your scooter away without you being able to ask for help or have any witnesses. Therefore, it is a good idea to ride on streets with some traffic, as it won’t significantly increase your travel time and will minimize the risk of theft.

B) Avoid unsafe streets: Be aware of the neighborhoods you pass through or where you leave your scooter. Certain areas have a higher risk of theft, and it’s advisable to avoid them.

C) Well-lit and densely populated streets: When parking your electric scooter, choose public areas with a significant flow of people and good lighting, as this is highly deterrent to criminals.

D) Do not leave accessories: Under no circumstances should you leave easily removable accessories on your scooter, such as baskets, lights, phone holders, or helmets. These items are attractive to thieves and easy to steal.

E) Avoid drawing attention: Try to be discreet. If you have a very expensive and eye-catching scooter, you will become a target for thieves.

F) Store it in a suitcase: If your scooter is not excessively heavy, you can occasionally carry it with you in a specifically designed suitcase. Not all places will allow you to enter with such bulky luggage, but many will.

G) Personalize your electric scooter: Personalizing your electric scooter with an inscription or serial number is highly deterrent to potential thieves. If your scooter stands out as a unique and identifiable vehicle, it will have limited resale value in the second-hand market, as the owner could easily identify it. Therefore, stealing it would be a waste of time.

H) Never store it in the car trunk: If you don’t have space at home or find it inconvenient to bring your scooter up to your apartment, it is not advisable to store it in the car trunk. Anyone could see you, identify your vehicle, and take advantage of the right moment to force open your trunk and steal your scooter.

I) Never store it in a storage unit: Storage units are prime targets for criminal gangs, so it is not recommended to store anything valuable in them. If you have no other choice, you can find 14 key tips to prevent theft in storage units in this article.


What to do if your electric scooter is stolen

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of electric scooter theft, you have three main options to try to recover it:

A) GPS: If you installed a GPS tracker on your scooter or if it already came with one built-in, you may be able to track its location via satellite on your mobile device. However, this is not a practical option, as the thief will likely attempt to disable or remove the GPS.

B) Second-hand markets: You can search online platforms or local second-hand shops where stolen scooters might be sold. By filtering the search according to your area, you may find your stolen scooter for sale. That’s why it’s always recommended to mark your scooter with a serial code or personalize it in some way for easy identification.

C) File a police report: It is unlikely that you will be able to recover your scooter through this method alone. However, if a criminal is apprehended and all stolen items are seized, it would be a shame if you couldn’t recover your scooter simply because you neglected to file a quick report at the police station. Additionally, if you have insurance coverage for theft or loss of your electric scooter, filing a police report is a fundamental requirement to receive coverage from the insurance company.