How to prevent theft and robbery in your store or business?

Running a business is no easy task, as we all know: unfair competition, taxes, economic uncertainty… and as if that weren’t enough, we also have to face an additional obstacle that affects any type of company: the risk of theft and robbery.

Certainly, this risk translates into greater or lesser losses depending on the type of business we have. However, given the current circumstances, no matter how small the losses resulting from theft in our business may be, it is always possible to implement measures to minimize this economic damage and benefit from it. Therefore, we will now present multiple measures that you can easily apply to your company, which will help you save money.


How to Prevent Employee Theft in Your Company?

  1. Internal Control of Stock and Materials: It is essential for any business to regularly conduct random inventories of stock and company materials to ensure everything is in order. This way, all your employees will know that any irregularity or theft will be detected by the company, as there is strict control in place.
  2. Cash Reconciliation: Performing cash reconciliations at each shift change is crucial. This way, you can identify the origin of any discrepancies in the cash register. While cash handling errors are normal, if there is no control whatsoever, your employees may take advantage of the situation, leading to more than just “errors” in the cash register. On the other hand, implementing strict cash control measures will make all employees aware that discrepancies are monitored and that no one is allowed to take money from the register. Additionally, everyone will be more careful with their work, reducing errors due to lack of attention.
  3. Security Cameras: The presence of security cameras, combined with internal controls, is an almost foolproof way to prevent employee theft. When all employees are aware that any stolen product will be detected during inventories and that security camera footage will be reviewed, nobody will risk losing their job over stealing a simple item. Nowadays, as you can see in this link, you can purchase high-quality surveillance cameras at a very affordable price. Despite their low cost, these cameras offer excellent features such as high image and sound quality, night vision, motion detection, instant alerts on your mobile device, dust and water resistance, and remote control via your phone.
  4. Consequences: A good manager must establish a certain level of trust with their employees while also maintaining a strict and authoritative figure. In this way, the detection of theft by an employee should have employment consequences, and excessive cash discrepancies should be addressed. If you choose to turn a blind eye to avoid being seen as an authoritarian figure, your employees will understand that small thefts and cash discrepancies are tolerated in your company, and they will increase without control. Therefore, from the beginning, be firm and demanding when addressing these irregularities.


How to Prevent Customer Theft in Your Store?

  1. Security Cameras: Surveillance cameras are the primary deterrent to theft in any type of store. Moreover, these cameras are currently very affordable. As you can see in this link, you can acquire security cameras perfect for your store at a low price. With these cameras, not only will you have high-quality images that allow you to clearly detect any theft, but you will also have access to other useful features, such as remote control, motion detection, security alerts, ample storage capacity, two-way audio, and stable wireless connectivity.
  2. Warning Signs: When installing security cameras, it is mandatory to display certified signs in public establishments to notify customers that they are being recorded. However, you should not consider this obligation as just another administrative hurdle imposed by the government. These signs have a significant deterrent effect and are highly useful, as they are eye-catching and easily visible, unlike some cameras that may go unnoticed when placed too high to achieve a better viewing angle.
  3. Dummy Surveillance Cameras: If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing real cameras, either because it involves a lot of work or because, for the items you have in your store, you don’t want to waste time identifying the thief and filing a police report that might not lead to anything, a practical alternative is to install fake security cameras that replicate the appearance of real ones. For example, in the following link, we show you an imitation surveillance camera at an incredibly low price. This camera looks exactly like a genuine one and is impossible to distinguish, providing the same theft deterrent power as any other type of camera.
  4. Security Gates: Installing security gates in your store acts as an insurmountable barrier for detecting thefts. Similar to security cameras, it is not necessary for these gates to be authentic. Even the installation of fake gates alone will have a significant deterrent impact on the number of thefts committed in your premises.
  5. Expensive Items on Demand: For high-value items, you can limit customer access to them partially or entirely, keeping them securely stored in your warehouse. Alternatively, you can display these items in special showcases that can only be opened by employees upon customer request.
  6. Layout and Organization: The organization of shelves and the distribution of items are essential for maximum visibility of all areas of the store by employees. Avoid having corners and blind spots out of sight of workers, and if they exist, place low-cost products in those areas to minimize losses due to potential thefts.
  7.  Lighting: Good lighting psychologically deters customers who intend to commit theft in your establishment. On the contrary, dim or very dark lighting gives a sense of invisibility or cover-up to those planning to engage in wrongdoing.
  8.  Mirrors: Placing mirrors in corners discourages petty theft, as it gives the impression to potential thieves that they are being observed and, therefore, cannot steal with impunity.
  9. Security Personnel: If you have a large store, it would be a good idea to hire security personnel specifically for your establishment. Despite the cost, the presence of security staff in a large establishment has a significant deterrent impact on the number of thefts that may occur there. Customers who plan to steal will be aware of the surveillance cameras and the potential consequences they may face when confronted by security personnel.On the other hand, a large store without any security personnel gives more confidence to wrongdoers, as they know that nobody is watching the cameras at the moment they commit the theft. If the security alarm goes off, they can simply run away without any consequences since the cashiers won’t be able to do anything.
  10. Employee Distribution: It is important that employees are dispersed throughout the store’s premises rather than all congregating in one area. This way, the mere presence of workers in the store’s aisles will signal to potential thieves that they are not safe from being seen in the act of committing a crime.
  11. Employee Training: You should raise awareness among your employees about the frequency of thefts and petty thefts in your store and how it affects the smooth operation of the business, which indirectly affects their employment. Everyone should collaborate in taking precautions, being cautious, and avoiding risks in the following ways: periodically looking up from their tasks, being cautious if a customer behaves suspiciously, distributing themselves throughout the store instead of gathering in one place and leaving the rest unattended.
  12. Technology: Depending on the type of business you have, there may be technological elements available to minimize the risk of theft, such as tamper detection systems for labels, anti-theft chips on items, or secured product samples on display counters.


How to Prevent Robberies by Thieves in Your Store?

  1. Security Cameras: Installing security cameras outside your store will indicate to potential thieves that your company has security measures in place. Even if they can enter with their faces covered, they won’t take the risk. Nowadays, there are numerous outdoor cameras available in the market that can withstand various weather conditions without any problem. For example, in this link, you can find an excellent outdoor surveillance camera designed to withstand rain and all types of weather conditions at an incredible price. This camera has wireless connectivity, mobile vision and control, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, high-quality image, and mobile alerts.
  2. Security Alarm: Installing a security alarm is essential to deter robberies. The mere sound of an alarm and the automatic notification to the police will make thieves flee immediately.
  3. Deterrent Signs: In addition to having an alarm and security cameras, displaying informative signs about these security systems is a primary deterrent to potential criminals. When faced with these warnings, they will prefer to target other companies instead.
  4. Safe: Depending on the neighborhood where your store is located, it would be a good idea to have a safe in the backroom. This allows you to empty the cash register and keep the minimum amount of cash on hand in case of a robbery. This way, losses will be minimized, and the funds kept in the safe will remain secure until they can be deposited in the bank.
  5. Quality Locks, Doors, and Shutters: Install good quality locks on the doors or shutters of your store and avoid trying to save a few euros by purchasing cheap ones. The first obstacle to entry into your premises should always be a highly secure access point to prevent burglars from easily gaining entry.
  6. Fencing: Your company premises should be well fenced and protected. Otherwise, it becomes easy for criminals to enter and then calmly access the interior of the building, with all the time in the world.
  7. Guard Dog: The presence of a guard dog deters any thief, as they will simply choose to rob another place rather than risk the dog’s barks alerting neighbors and passersby who can immediately notify the police.
  8. Security Guard: If you have a large company or a company with high-value stock, it would not be a bad idea to hire security personnel, especially during nighttime when there are no employees present in the company.
  9. Anti-Ram Bollards and High-Protection Glass: In certain street-level stores that have high-value items, it is essential to have an anti-ram bollard system to prevent burglaries through the storefront. Additionally, high-quality anti-robbery glass should be used in case of nighttime vandalism attempts to loot the store.