5 Key steps to take when confronted by a mugger in the street

If you ever find yourself in the terrible situation of being mugged in public, here are the 5 main tips you should follow to come out of that situation safely:


1. Stay calm

A common criminal during a mugging has an elevated heart rate, and if we become nervous, they will become nervous too, acting unpredictably and violently. Keep in mind that the perpetrator is fully aware that what they are doing is wrong, and if caught, it will have serious consequences for the rest of their life. Therefore, the pressure they are under is immense. Avoid getting nervous to protect your own physical integrity.


2. Do not confront the mugger

Physical confrontation with your assailant is the least desirable option, as the mugger may be armed or have the support of other members of their criminal gang who could come to their aid. Moreover, it is essential to prioritize your own safety above all else.


3. Create distance from the mugger

Try to distance yourself from the attacker in any way you can. If they act with great violence and try to take something from you, remember that you are more important than any valuable item they may take from you, such as your wallet, mobile phone, or jewelry. Let go of the object, and the mugger will likely flee, no longer posing a physical threat to you.


4. Seek help from the police

Shout for help from the police. This can have a significant deterrent effect on the mugger, causing them to flee.


5. Report the mugging

Regardless of the outcome of the mugging, it is advisable to report it, as there may be surveillance cameras in the area that can help identify the mugger. By doing so, we enable law enforcement agencies to apprehend the individual, preventing them from committing further muggings against our fellow citizens.

Additionally, if any valuable items were stolen from us, we can only recover them once the perpetrator or the criminal gang is apprehended.

Lastly, filing a report with the police may be necessary if we need to obtain duplicates of identification documents or if we wish to claim insurance coverage for the theft.


Final Tip

If you become a victim of a mugger in the street, stay calm, avoid physical confrontation, keep a distance from the mugger, and seek help. After the situation, immediately notify the police and file a report of what happened. For this reason, it is always advisable to have emergency contact numbers for the police saved in your mobile phone.