How to safely send a package

If you need to send a package, you probably have concerns about how to do it safely, without risking loss or damage. Below, we explain the fundamental keys to securely send packages by mail.


1. Protect your package

When sending your package, ensure that the contents are well protected. Keep in mind that the package will be handled roughly during transit, so proper protection is essential to prevent any damage.

Use a sturdy cardboard box and pack the contents securely with appropriate packaging materials such as bubble wrap, foam padding, or air-filled bags. This will prevent the items from shifting and getting damaged during transportation.

Finally, seal your package tightly with suitable tape, using double layers if necessary, and make sure there are no open gaps. If the items inside are fragile, it’s advisable to label the package as “fragile” or use a sticker indicating its delicate nature. If it’s important for the package to remain upright, write “this side up” on the base and include arrows pointing upward on the sides. This way, the postal service will know how to handle the package correctly.


2. Use certified mail service

By using certified mail service, your package will only be delivered to the recipient upon signature. If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, a notice will be left for them to collect the package from the nearest post office, requiring identification.

This ensures that your package will not end up in the wrong hands or be left unattended at the recipient’s doorstep, where it could easily be stolen.

Additionally, with this service, you will receive instant updates on the delivery process via your mobile phone.


3. Verify the shipping address

Double-check that the shipping information you have is accurate and up to date. Otherwise, your package may end up being sent to the wrong destination.

Furthermore, carefully ensure that you have entered the complete address correctly, as even a simple error in the street name or number can prevent successful delivery.


4. Include your return address

Include your current address as the return address on the package. In case any issues arise and the package cannot be delivered (due to address errors, recipient absence, etc.), it will be returned to your home or the designated post office address of your choice.


5. Purchase shipping insurance

If you are sending valuable items, it is a good idea to insure the contents of your package. This way, in case of damage or theft, you will receive financial compensation.

Shipping insurance is usually offered at a reasonable cost, based on the insured value.


6. Choose a reputable shipping company

Be cautious of extremely low prices offered by low-cost companies, as they may provide subpar service. For instance, they might handle the package hastily and carelessly, potentially causing damage. They may also leave the package at the recipient’s doorstep instead of making a second attempt or taking it to the local office for pick-up, increasing the risk of theft.

Therefore, it is always recommended to choose experienced shipping companies with a good reputation and positive reviews.


Extra tip

For special situations where you are unsure how to proceed (international shipping, extremely fragile items, etc.), don’t hesitate to contact your trusted shipping company and seek advice. They have professionals who are prepared to address any concerns and provide you with the most optimal and suitable solution for your situation.

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