What to do if you are robbed at a hotel

Despite hotels having increasingly sophisticated security measures and surveillance systems, thefts and robberies do occur with some frequency in hotels around the world. If you find yourself unfortunate enough to be a victim of a robbery at the hotel where you are staying, follow these steps to handle the situation successfully.


1. Stay calm and confirm that you have indeed been robbed

It’s easier said than done, as the mental shock of experiencing a robbery in a hotel can be significant. Not only has your privacy been violated and your personal belongings taken, causing a financial loss, but if you are abroad, you may find yourself in a delicate situation, not only for continuing your vacation but even for returning to the United States quickly and safely.

However, it is important to be pragmatic, try to relax, and remain calm, as getting nervous will not help in any way. Especially if you are traveling with family, make sure not to panic and ensure that all members are calm and feel secure. Afterward, make sure that you have indeed been a victim of a robbery, as it could be a false alarm: a travel companion may have borrowed something without asking, a cleaning staff member may have moved one of your personal items, or you may have simply forgotten where you left something, among other possibilities.


2. Report the robbery to the hotel

Once you have confirmed that you have been robbed in your hotel room, immediately report the situation to the front desk. They will activate the relevant protocols as quickly as possible.

You should know that the hotel will only be responsible for the belongings you have deposited in the safe in your room, provided that you meet the required conditions. This may include providing a list of the items you have deposited, potential coverage up to a certain amount, or verifying that you properly closed the door, among other conditions. In any other case, if you have not used the safe or if there is no safe in your hotel, be aware that the hotel will not take responsibility.

Nevertheless, even if you haven’t used the safe service, it is important to fulfill this step and report the robbery to the front desk. Through the security cameras and access logs for each door, the robbery can be substantiated, and it is likely that the thief can be identified, which will be crucial later on.


3. Notify your insurance company

If you have travel insurance or personal insurance that includes coverage for thefts during trips abroad, contact your insurance company immediately. They will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful claim process and enable you to recover the economic value of your stolen belongings. Imagine how frustrating it would be not to receive compensation due to a simple bureaucratic procedure or any other formalities.


4. File a police report

Reporting the robbery to the police is essential to obtain an emergency passport replacement and to receive coverage from your insurance.

In case you don’t need a new passport to return to the United States or if you don’t have insurance, you may be tempted not to file a report, as it may seem like a waste of time that ultimately serves no purpose. In fact, most people decide not to report such incidents, especially if they are in a foreign country. However, it is always advisable to file a report, but the decision is ultimately yours.

If you are staying in a tourist city, having some knowledge of English should not pose major complications when filing a police report. However, if you find yourself in a less touristy location where local police officers may not speak English, you may encounter some difficulties in communicating. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, using a simple translator app on your mobile phone should allow you to provide the necessary information requested by the local authorities.


5. Obtain a new passport at a Spanish Embassy or Consulate

If your passport and identification documents have been stolen, and you are abroad, you will need to visit the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate to obtain a new passport and facilitate your return to Spain.

To carry out this procedure, remember that filing a police report, as mentioned in the previous step, is a requirement.

If you don’t have a Spanish Embassy or Consulate available in the location where you are staying, as a European citizen, you can approach the Embassy of any European Union member country. They will provide you with a special emergency document that will allow you to return to Spain.


Final Conclusion

If you experience a robbery, maintain composure and follow the steps mentioned above. You will be able to overcome the situation and return home without any problems. Remember, a robbery is not the end of the world. Ultimately, you have suffered a financial loss that can be recovered over time. The most important thing is that you are unharmed and safe.

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