How to prevent theft of your laptop

Nowadays, acquiring a laptop is within reach of everyone. They are no longer high-end technological products accessible only to a few, as was the case with the early models. Nowadays, laptops can be purchased at relatively affordable prices. However, they still hold a certain value, and due to their design for portability and use outside the home, they become highly coveted targets for criminals.

Below, we explain the main measures you should take in your daily life to ensure your laptop is never stolen:


1. Anti-theft backpacks for carrying your laptop

Avoid walking on the streets carrying your laptop in cases that clearly indicate you are carrying a laptop. Doing so will only draw the attention of potential thieves who may be observing you, waiting for an opportunity to steal it. It is advisable to transport your laptop in bags or luggage that do not reveal the presence of a laptop, preferably in anti-theft backpacks.

These backpacks have compartments that can only be accessed through zippers located on the back, ensuring that all openings are completely concealed and inaccessible while you are wearing the backpack. By keeping your laptop in an anti-theft backpack, it will be nearly impossible for it to be stolen. Just be mindful when you need to remove the backpack (place it somewhere within your sight and out of reach of third parties).

If you are interested in this type of product, we provide the following link where you can find a fantastic anti-theft backpack with excellent finishes, offering high security at a great price.


2. Never use your laptop in open and unattended spaces

It is best to refrain from using your laptop when you are not inside a establishment, especially in open public spaces without surveillance. Keep in mind that even if you are fully focused on your laptop while typing, anyone can approach you in an outdoor space, snatch your laptop, and disappear in the blink of an eye. When sitting down, you will have no chance to react.

In conclusion, it is advisable to use your laptop only in establishments, preferably those with surveillance cameras at their entrance. Position yourself as far away from the entrance as possible because if you are close to it, someone could take advantage of the situation to enter, grab your device, and quickly flee.


3. Stay away from public transportation doors

During public transportation rides, as it is an enclosed space with surveillance cameras and there is downtime with nothing to do, it might be tempting to use your laptop. However, you should avoid sitting near the doors, as many thieves take advantage of stops at stations to snatch laptops from passengers. Just as the doors close, you could find yourself trapped inside the vehicle while the thief escapes with your laptop.

Therefore, whenever you are using your laptop on public transportation, position yourself as far away from the doors as possible.


4. Never leave your laptop visible in the car

If you travel by car, it is highly recommended that you do not leave your laptop visible, even if it is inside a case. Anyone can break the car window with a simple rock and steal your device within seconds.

It is always advisable to take it with you. If that is not possible or convenient, store it in the glove compartment or trunk in a way that it cannot be seen from the outside.


5. Use a geolocation application on your laptop

By installing a simple geolocation application, you can always know the whereabouts of your laptop. In case of loss or theft, you can track its real-time location or its last known location.

This information can be crucial for law enforcement. Provide the coordinates to the police when filing a report, and under no circumstances should you take matters into your own hands, as it could be dangerous for your own well-being. Act quickly because criminals will try to format the computer as soon as possible to erase any traces.


6. Backup your data

Whether it’s due to loss, theft, computer viruses, or malfunctions, like any computer device, you can lose all your information at any time if any of these incidents occur. Therefore, always have backups of essential data and keep them updated at all times: personal documents, photographs, work files, etc.

A simple USB memory stick is inexpensive and practical, as they now come with high storage capacities and fast write speeds. In the following link, we provide a purchase link for a very affordable USB drive with enormous storage capacity from a reputable brand. It’s perfect for backups!


What to do if your laptop is stolen:

If you find yourself in the situation of having your laptop stolen, first verify that it has indeed been stolen, as it is possible that someone you trust may have borrowed it or that you may have left it elsewhere by mistake.

If it is confirmed as theft, file a police report. If you have theft insurance, presenting this report will be essential when making a claim. Additionally, if the police manage to apprehend the thief, it will be your only chance to recover your laptop.



Using a laptop outside the home is very useful and convenient due to its versatility and functionality. However, being outside our home also exposes it to vulnerability, as it can be stolen relatively easily. However, by implementing the aforementioned measures, there is no need to fear theft, and you can enjoy your laptop safely and securely.

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