How to prevent theft in your motorhome?

Motorhomes are mobile homes that contain valuable belongings and are therefore desirable targets for thieves. It is crucial to take security measures to prevent theft in your motorhome.

The best way to avoid theft in motorhomes is by choosing secure parking locations and installing additional mechanical and electronic security systems in addition to the ones provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Let’s analyze all of this in detail below:


1. Parking in secure locations for motorhomes

The primary protective factor to avoid theft in motorhomes is selecting suitable parking places. The safest places to park your motorhome include:

  • Exclusive motorhome areas: These areas usually have access control, video surveillance cameras, lighting, etc. They are ideal for parking and overnight stays with a motorhome.
  • Well-lit areas: The more lighting there is, the lower the risk of theft, as potential thieves are less likely to go unnoticed.
  • Busy and inhabited areas: The more people around the vehicle, the safer the parking will be.
  • Parking lots with video surveillance cameras: These can be businesses, stores, 24-hour paid parking lots, etc.
  • Parking near police stations: No one in their right mind would attempt a theft next to the police, for obvious reasons.
  • Never park at service stations and rest areas: A rookie mistake is parking halfway during the journey. These places are preferred by criminals on highways because they are easily accessible, far from inhabited areas, and provide easy escape routes. In short, they are the perfect place for committing a robbery.


2. Mechanical security systems for motorhomes

The main mechanical security measures that can be installed in motorhomes are:

  • Wheel clamps: They lock the wheels, making it impossible to steal the motorhome without first cutting the clamp with a mechanical saw, which greatly complicates the task for potential thieves.
  • Steering wheel lock: It prevents the movement of the steering wheel, making it difficult to steal the vehicle.
  • Reinforced locks: Whether it’s a three-point lock or an additional lock to the main one, its installation increases the security of our motorhome.
  • Steel chain, tape, or cable from door to door in the cabin: It may seem extreme, but it is very effective in preventing pry opening of the doors.
  • Door security bar: Even if the locks are forced, access would be prevented.
  • Metal grilles or security locks on windows and skylights: In addition to the doors, the most vulnerable points of a motorhome are the windows and skylights, so it is vital to protect them. However, if they come with double glass and aluminum frames or are made of polycarbonate fiber, they will already be very secure.

It is not necessary to purchase all of these security systems but rather choose the ones that are practical and convenient for you to use in your motorhome. By doing so, you will increase the layers of security on your vehicle, making it more difficult for potential thieves and possibly deterring them altogether.


3. Electronic security systems for motorhomes

The most useful electronic security systems for motorhomes are:

  • Alarms: When activated, these alarms can scare off thieves in the event of an attempted theft. There are also gas alarms in case they try to introduce sleep-inducing gases into the interior.
  • Exterior security cameras with motion detection: These cameras are usually placed on the side mirrors and rear of the vehicle. With motion detection, they can send alerts to your mobile device in case of movements around your motorhome.
  • LED lights with motion sensors: By installing four simple LED lights with motion sensors, you can secure your entire perimeter. These lights also come with solar panels and batteries, so they don’t drain the vehicle’s battery.
  • Invisible lock: This type of lock is located inside the motorhome and is activated by a remote control. Thus, even if the original lock is forced, there would be a second lock out of sight of the thieves, preventing their access.

Similarly to the previous point, it is not necessary to implement all of these security measures. Follow the ones that best fit your lifestyle and make you feel more comfortable, and you will significantly increase your protection against theft.

If you don’t know where to buy these security products, which models to choose, or where to find good quality-price options, instead of searching endlessly online, you can directly consult our list of recommended anti-theft systems on this link.


4. Other security measures in motorhomes

In addition to what has been mentioned above, there are other useful tricks for the security of your motorhome:

  • Simulate your presence: If you have parked your motorhome and gone elsewhere, you can enhance your security by simulating your presence inside the vehicle. This can be easily achieved by leaving a radio and/or a light on. Preferably, use an external power source to avoid draining the motorhome’s battery.
  • Avoid carrying the official vehicle documentation: It is better to carry a certified copy or authorized digital copy and keep the original stored elsewhere.
  • Dog: Traveling with a dog provides great protection, as it will alert you with its barking to any strange noises. Even simply placing a sticker that says “dog on board” can have a deterrent effect.
  • Have a GPS tracker: In case of motorhome theft, having a GPS tracker is essential for recovering the vehicle.
  • Avoid opening and closing the motorhome with a remote control: It’s better to manually open it with the key since the signals from the remote control can be easily intercepted and replicated by professional thieves.


5. Common-sense measures to prevent theft in motorhomes

Throughout this article, we have overlooked obvious security measures to provide you with useful information that you may not be aware of. However, it never hurts to remember them:

  • Before leaving the vehicle parked or going to sleep, make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed and locked.
  • Do not leave valuable objects visible from the outside.
  • Do not leave high-value items in the motorhome; it is better to carry them with you or store them in a safe box.
  • If you have a towable caravan and leave it unhooked, use an anti-theft device on the hitch to prevent the theft of the trailer.
  • Have a good motorhome insurance policy that covers theft, vandalism, and fires. This way, you will be fully protected.


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