How to prevent the theft of an electric motorcycle battery?

The main battery thefts of electric motorcycles occur in fleet motorcycles used by vehicle-sharing platforms. If you own a private electric motorcycle, it is unlikely that your battery will be targeted for theft.

This situation can be easily explained: for a battery theft gang, it is simpler and more practical to always steal batteries from the same motorcycle model. It is easier to continue stealing the same type of battery from the same type of motorcycles rather than dealing with different batteries from various models. Once they discover how to quickly steal the battery, deactivate any security systems it may have, and sell it on the black market, it becomes easier to specialize in and continue stealing in the same manner.

Furthermore, rental motorcycle fleets often park multiple motorcycles together in well-known public locations. If a thief wants to steal a battery, the easiest way is to go to one of these rental company parking areas (there’s no need to waste time searching) and proceed with the theft (multiple batteries can be stolen in just a couple of minutes).

In fact, there have already been waves of electric motorcycle battery thefts, and in all cases, the victims were rental companies. For this reason, these types of companies have taken action and started implementing security measures to prevent such thefts.

The main protection measures against battery theft implemented by rental motorcycle companies are as follows:

  1. Acquire motorcycle models with batteries fixed inside the motorcycle chassis. Avoid motorcycles with removable batteries.
  2. Use batteries with anti-theft technology, including:
    • Installed GPS tracking.
    • Anti-theft alarms.
    • Software that prevents battery compatibility with other vehicles.
    • Inscriptions of the company’s chassis number and name on the batteries to hinder their illegal resale.
  3. Provide secure public parking areas for the motorcycles, including:
    • Security cameras.
    • Well-lit areas.
    • High-traffic streets.
    • Motorcycle anchoring to the ground.
  4. Keep the motorcycles inside a premises with staff.
  5. Manage the number of motorcycles parked on the street: During periods of lower demand, remove motorcycles from the street and park them securely in a monitored parking area until the high-demand season arrives.
  6. Have comprehensive theft coverage insurance for the entire motorcycle fleet.


Anti-theft measures for private electric motorcycle batteries

As we have seen, if you own a private electric motorcycle, it is unlikely that thieves will specifically target your battery since they are primarily interested in fleet motorcycles for easier and quicker replication of thefts.

However, there is always a risk, and it is important to take some precautions.

The best anti-theft measures for your electric motorcycle battery are:

  1. Prevent motorcycle theft: One common modus operandi for thieves is to take the entire motorcycle and then proceed to extract the battery at their convenience. To learn all the tricks to prevent motorcycle theft, we recommend reading our other article on the topic.
  2. Avoid parking near electric motorcycle rental parking areas: Thieves target the batteries of these rental fleets, and if you park nearby, they may notice your motorcycle and target you as well.
  3. Avoid having an electric motorcycle model with a removable battery: It is very easy to steal batteries from this type of motorcycle.
  4. Do not own the same electric motorcycle model as any local rental fleet: If a gang specializes in stealing batteries from a specific model, it would be very easy and tempting for them to steal from you too.
  5. Have insurance coverage that offers comprehensive or third-party coverage with theft protection: With these coverage options, you may pay a slightly higher premium, but you will be covered in case your battery is stolen.