How to prevent package theft from online shopping

Today, the Internet offers us a wide range of possibilities for making purchases from the comfort of our homes, providing multiple advantages: the convenience of shopping without leaving the house, the ability to compare prices from various retailers with just a click, access to multiple product reviews and videos, and more.

However, online shopping also has its disadvantages, and one of the most significant risks is the potential theft or damage of packages during delivery.

Here are the key strategies to avoid such theft:


1. Be present at home

The safest and simplest approach is to select a delivery day and time when you or a family member will be at home.

This way, you can personally receive the package, ensuring it arrives in good condition without any damage.

Moreover, it’s not uncommon for a delivery person to hand over the package to a third party (such as a neighbor, worker, doorman, or shopkeeper) when you’re not at home. If you have a strained relationship with such individuals, they might neglect the delivery, leading to a situation where you have to file a complaint with the delivery company, creating an uncertain and time-consuming process.


2. If you’re not at home, send your package to a friend, family member, authorized terminals, or your workplace

If you cannot be at home to receive the delivery, consider the following alternatives:

  • Friend: If you have a trusted friend who will be at home, you can request to have the package delivered to their address.
  • Family member: If you know a family member who spends a lot of time at home due to retirement, unemployment, or being a student, you can choose to have the package sent to their address.
  • Authorized terminals: Nowadays, there are an increasing number of terminals located in public areas where shipping services can deposit packages. You can retrieve your package by presenting a simple mobile code. Some establishments or warehouses also provide this service. You show the code to the attendant, and they will hand over your package.
  • Workplace: If you spend long hours at work and have a good rapport with your superiors, you can request to have the package delivered to your workplace. Make sure you have authorization from your employer if nobody else has done so before.


3. Request delivery with signature confirmation

When making your purchase and indicating the shipping options, you may have the option to request delivery with a signature confirmation. This means that the delivery person will not leave the package in front of your door or in the mailbox, reducing the risk of theft. Instead, they will be required to obtain your signature upon delivery. If you’re not at home during the delivery attempt, the delivery person will usually make a second attempt. If you’re still absent, they will leave a note in your mailbox for you to pick up the package at the nearest office of the delivery company.

While this service is commonly included by default in some countries, in others, you may need to request it separately. Ensure that the shipping conditions include this service.


4. Install a surveillance camera at your doorstep

If you live in a house or detached villa, and the delivery service typically leaves packages at your doorstep, it may be beneficial to install a video surveillance camera and display signs indicating its presence. This can deter potential thieves.

Nowadays, there are many affordable cameras that offer multiple functions and services, such as high-quality imaging, sound, motion detection, mobile alerts, night vision, live streaming to your mobile phone, and more.

If you’re interested in acquiring one, you can find a fantastic outdoor security camera at a low price by following the link provided.

Keep in mind that if you live in an apartment building with neighbors in the hallway, you should obtain permission from the community before installing a camera on your doorstep.


5. Trust reputable delivery companies

Avoid choosing just any company because it offers slightly lower prices. Generally, such companies provide lower security and inferior service.

Therefore, it’s advisable to select a company with positive online reviews, a good track record, and no complaints regarding stolen or damaged packages.

Additionally, verify the services they offer. It’s important that they provide delivery with signature confirmation to ensure that your package is not left unattended outside your door under any circumstances.


What to do if my package doesn’t arrive?

Usually, after making a purchase, you’ll receive a tracking code that allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your package and its progress during transit.

If the delivery significantly exceeds the ordinary delivery time provided by the company, and there have been no holidays, strikes, transportation disruptions due to extreme weather, or any other anomalies, contact the company promptly to explain your situation. They will verify if your package has indeed been lost. In such cases, they should either arrange for a second shipment at no additional cost or provide a refund, depending on their delivery service policy.


What to do if the package arrives damaged or items are missing?

If you notice significant damage or signs of tampering with the package at the time of delivery, refuse to accept it and promptly inform the company from which you made the purchase. If you discover the damage or missing items after the delivery, you should still contact the company to report the issue. In both cases, if they have a good customer service and a reliable post-sales policy, they should provide a solution by either sending the missing product or requesting that you return the damaged items for a replacement shipment at no additional cost.

It’s essential to know the quality of their service and the company’s policy beforehand, as not all companies operate in the same manner. You can find this information on their website or through reviews from other consumers.


Extra advice for shipment issues

Here are two crucial tips to avoid further problems in case of shipping issues:

  • Familiarize yourself with the shipping policy: To avoid surprises such as additional shipping charges or the company not taking responsibility for losses or damages, make sure you understand the policies of the company you’re purchasing from before placing an order. Additionally, check for other users’ opinions and experiences.
  • Insure your shipment: If the package has significant value, you can request shipping insurance. This way, if the company fails to compensate for the loss or damage of your order, you will receive financial compensation.



Shopping online is undoubtedly enjoyable, but if the delivery process is not carried out correctly, and our package ends up being stolen, the claims process can become a real ordeal with an uncertain outcome.

However, there’s no need to fear such a situation. By applying the measures and advice provided above, you can make your purchases with peace of mind, knowing that your packages will be delivered safely and never fall into the wrong hands.

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