20 Measures to prevent car theft

If you want to know the key steps to prevent your car from being stolen or your belongings from being stolen inside, below we detail the 20 most effective measures to achieve this purpose:


1. Use immobilizers

One of the best methods to prevent car theft is to install an immobilizer. These devices not only prevent your car from being stolen but also have a significant deterrent effect, as a thief would simply choose to steal another car rather than wasting time with yours. There are different types of immobilizers, and depending on your needs, one may be more suitable than another:


2. Install a GPS tracker

In the unfortunate event that your car is stolen, having installed a GPS tracker can be very useful for its recovery. Firstly, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone notifying you that your car is moving away from its usual location, allowing you to immediately report the theft to the police. Secondly, you can provide real-time coordinates of your vehicle to the police, increasing the chances of recovering it sooner or later.

In the following link, we introduce an ideal GPS tracker with unique features at a competitive price. It comes with a free app and a long-lasting autonomous battery, so you don’t have to worry about your car’s battery.


3. Watch where you park

If you have a private garage, it is always advisable to use it. Statistics clearly show that the majority of thefts occur on the street.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have that option and have to park your car on the street, try to do so preferably in busy and well-lit streets. This deters thieves who seek discretion in secluded areas to carry out their crimes.


4. Don’t leave the parking remote control

If you have a garage in your own home, try not to leave the remote control to open the garage door visible or easily accessible. Any thief would have a strong incentive to steal your car, and if they have been monitoring you, they will know where you live and may also break into your house while you are away.


5. Install an alarm system

You can buy car alarms on your own, but it is advisable to purchase an alarm system specifically designed for your car. It is much more convenient, as it integrates with your car’s locking system. In other words, when you lock the car door with your key, the alarm system is automatically activated, so you don’t have to constantly remember to activate or deactivate the alarm manually.

Furthermore, each car is different, so if you buy a generic alarm, it may be less sensitive and thieves could steal from your car without triggering it, or it could be overly sensitive, constantly going off at any loud noise.


6. Double-check that you have locked your car when parking

It may seem obvious, but many people forget to lock their cars when parking, which poses a serious risk. Moreover, if your belongings are stolen from the car with the door left open, your insurance will most likely not cover anything since, legally speaking, without evidence of violence, it would be considered theft rather than robbery.

There are many thieves who try their luck in secluded or poorly lit areas by attempting to open car doors to steal their contents. Just think that if only 1% of the population forgets to lock their doors, on average, it would only take trying to open 100 cars to find one with an open door.

Therefore, develop the habit of closing the door and manually verifying that it is locked to ensure you never forget.


7. Always close the windows

After parking, make sure the windows are securely closed. A small gap can be exploited by thieves to insert a metal rod and easily open the car.

Therefore, never leave them slightly open in summer to prevent the interior from getting too hot. Simply open the doors for about 30 seconds before getting in, and it will have the same effect.


8. Don’t leave objects in plain sight

Avoid leaving any objects visible inside the car, even if they are not of high value. Breaking a car window is very easy, and a desperate thief won’t hesitate to do it. Store your GPS and any other objects out of sight from the outside.

If you have a GPS device that is not integrated into the car, don’t leave the screen adapter visible, as thieves may assume the GPS is stored in the glove compartment and attempt to steal it.


9. Activate door locks while driving

While driving, always keep the door locks activated. Many people don’t do this, and if thieves notice any objects on the passenger seat or rear seats, they can take advantage of any stops at traffic lights to open the door and steal from you.


10. Don’t leave a spare key inside

It may seem unbelievable, but some people keep a spare key to their car inside the vehicle, which would greatly facilitate auto theft. Keep the spare key in a safe place at home that is inaccessible to anyone you trust.


11. Don’t leave parking tickets visible

When parking in a paid private parking lot, take the parking ticket with you in your wallet. Aside from being more convenient for payment before reaching your car, it is much safer. If a thief sees the ticket in your car, they can steal it and drive the car out of the parking lot without any issues.


12. Take your documents with you

Especially if you leave your car parked on the street for an extended period, it’s advisable to take your documents with you. Criminal groups often steal vehicle documents to engage in illegal activities.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have copies of your documents.


13. Install a kill switch

For a reasonable price, a specialized mechanic can install a kill switch that, when activated, makes it impossible to start your car. These devices cut off power to a crucial system involved in starting the car, making it unfeasible to start it.

A hidden button is installed to activate and deactivate this device, making it impossible for a thief to discover.


14. Use the SOS e-call system

By installing this system, you can activate an alert by pressing a button, sending a distress signal to the authorities in case of robbery or an accident.

In addition to the distress signal, the GPS provides your exact location to the authorities.


15. Don’t handle your trunk in plain sight

When going on vacation with your car, ensure that no one sees you loading your luggage into the trunk. Store all luggage in the trunk in a way that it’s not visible from the outside.

If you need to access your luggage to retrieve something, be discreet and ensure that no one sees your trunk filled with suitcases.


16. Avoid leaving your car parked in the same spot for a long time

If you must leave your car parked on the street for an extended period without using it, try to move it to a different parking spot occasionally. Not doing so indicates that the owner is away, making it an attractive target for theft.

If you are indeed traveling, it’s a good idea to leave your keys with someone you trust to move the car from time to time. If this is not possible, you can always park it in a long-stay private parking lot, usually available at low cost (often found near airports).


17. Be cautious with social media

Be careful about the information you share on social media. If you announce publicly that you are going on vacation for two weeks and frequently post pictures of your car, you are making it extremely easy for thieves. They will know the make and model of your car (and consequently how to steal it), as well as when you won’t be in your neighborhood (allowing them to steal your car without you noticing or reporting it for a significant amount of time). Therefore, be cautious about what you post on social media.


18. Lock the door with the key, not remotely

Nowadays, thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have access to advanced technology to commit their crimes. One such device is the frequency inhibitor, which neutralizes the signal when you use the remote key to lock your car, preventing the door from closing and leaving it open for thieves.

Therefore, always lock the door with the physical key and ensure it is securely closed.

Note that this precaution is mainly useful for older car models, as newer cars have remote keys that change the emitted frequency every time they are used to lock or unlock the car, rendering frequency theft ineffective.


19. Engrave your license plate on the windows

By simply engraving your license plate number on the car windows, you will deter any thief from stealing it, as they would prefer to target another car. Having these engravings makes it more difficult to sell the stolen vehicle on the black market since all the windows would have to be tampered with.


20. Use a signal-blocking key case

Currently, there are amplifiers that can copy the frequency signal emitted by your car keys from a certain distance, allowing thieves to easily open your car.

To prevent this, keep your keys in a signal-blocking key case that prevents the frequency signal from being stolen.

It’s important to note that this advice is most relevant for older car models, as newer models use remote keys that change the emitted frequency every time they are used, rendering frequency signal theft ineffective.



Your car is likely one of your most valuable possessions, second only to your home in many cases.

Therefore, it’s important to adopt security measures to prevent it from being stolen. Choose the measures that best suit your needs and personality, as most of them are simple and low-cost or have no cost at all. By following these precautions, you can ensure that no one can steal your car.