10 Keys to prevent robberies on the metro and bus

Currently, pickpockets take advantage of crowded places such as public transportation to seize the opportunity and dip their hands into our pockets, purses, or backpacks to steal our belongings. Due to the large number of people around, criminals can easily approach us without raising suspicion and easily steal our money and valuable items. With the jostling and physical contact among passengers, we might not even realize what has happened.

However, by adopting a series of simple behaviors and measures, we can protect ourselves completely from these individuals. Below, we will analyze the 10 most important keys to prevent robberies on public transport such as the metro or bus:


1. Use anti-theft backpacks

The most effective way to guarantee that we won’t suffer a theft is by simply preventing the possibility. We can achieve this by storing our belongings in anti-theft backpacks.

These backpacks have zippers located on the back, so when we wear them, the zippers remain completely hidden from view and inaccessible to others when they come into contact with our back. By simply wearing our backpack, we can prevent anyone from accessing its compartments.

Currently, you can find multiple options on the market that can meet your specific needs and preferences. You can choose sizes, colors, textures, designs, etc., as there is a wide variety of these products available today. For example, in the following link, we show you an anti-theft backpack at a very good price with a modern design.


2. Clothing with hidden interior pockets

If you prefer not to carry a backpack and go light, make sure to store your phone and wallet in hidden interior pockets. This way, they won’t be visible from the outside, and they will be inaccessible.

When purchasing clothes (coats, jackets, vests, etc.), in addition to considering the price, material, color, and design, make sure they have these types of pockets, as they are extremely secure and useful.

In hot weather, it may be difficult and uncomfortable to wear clothes with these pockets. In that case, make sure your pants have zipper or button pockets, and your shirt covers them. This way, you will have hidden pockets that are less accessible to others.


3. Anti-theft belts

If you carry a large amount of cash and need to go to areas with a high presence of pickpockets, using an anti-theft belt is a very good option to protect yourself.

These belts are comfortable and lightweight to wear, and they have a zipper on the interior side (the part that touches our body) where you can store cash and personal documents. This way, your possessions will be completely secure, as nobody will know that you are carrying money inside the belt. Even if they did, they would not be able to access it without alerting you.

If you are interested in this option, you can find multiple designs, colors, textures, etc. In the following link, we show you an ideal anti-theft belt for traveling, which is also very affordable.


4. Fanny packs never fail

Our old fanny packs never fail. By wearing them in front of our waist and hiding them from view with a long shirt, it will be impossible for someone to rob us without us noticing.

If you decide to get one, make sure to choose a comfortable and breathable product, especially in summer, as they can be very uncomfortable if they are not of good quality. In the following link, we introduce you to a fanny pack that is perfect for comfortable walking. Be wary of fanny packs at much lower prices, as the quality is likely to be questionable.


5. Keep your metro ticket outside your wallet

Many pickpockets observe people at the entrance of public transportation to see how they take out their ticket from their wallet. This way, they can easily identify where you keep your wallet and, if they see a good opportunity, they won’t hesitate to follow you and commit the theft.

Therefore, keep your wallet well hidden and inaccessible, and at the same time, keep your public transport ticket in a different place. This way, they won’t know where you keep your wallet. If you have weekly or monthly passes and are concerned about their deterioration, use a simple plastic protector to keep them safe.


6. Be careful with your mobile phone

Public transportation is an ideal time to use your mobile phone since you have some downtime with nothing to do. However, be cautious because statistics show that public transports are the favorite place for mobile phone thieves.

Keep an eye on your phone at all times while using it, and if you put it away, make sure it is in a hidden and inaccessible place. Also, be extra cautious during stops and avoid standing near the doors with your phone out, as the moment of opening and closing doors is preferred by criminals to snatch your phone and run away. Most likely, you will be trapped inside while they escape freely with your mobile phone, leaving you with no chance of recovering it.


7. Identify the most dangerous lines and stops

Take note of the specific line you’re traveling on and be extra cautious if it has a high crime rate. Generally, the most dangerous lines and stops are those with a high presence of tourists, such as lines passing through monuments and popular tourist spots. Keep in mind that tourists make perfect targets for theft as they often carry money and can be a bit distracted. If you happen to be passing through those areas and pickpockets see an opportunity with you, they won’t hesitate to target you.


8. Exercise caution if someone approaches you

Many pickpockets work in coordinated groups, and they may try to distract you while another person carries out the theft. Therefore, be extra cautious if someone bumps into you or approaches you to ask for something or ask a question, especially if the situation doesn’t seem realistic. While one person distracts you, another may steal from you, and a third person may flee with the loot. These groups are well-organized, and everything happens very quickly, so stay alert.


9. Maintain distance and eye contact with suspicious individuals

If you suspect someone, create some distance to avoid any risks. If you feel embarrassed about what others might think (for example, if the transportation is somewhat empty and someone sits or stands right next to you, giving you a bad impression), simply pretend you’re looking for the next stop or reading the signage. If you’re standing, pretend to look for a seat. Regardless of what others may think, your safety is the most important.

If the compartment is crowded, and you can’t move away, establish direct eye contact with the suspicious individuals for a moment. This will intimidate them, as they’ll know they’ve been clearly identified and that you’re alert to their presence. Of course, exercise extreme caution and be vigilant.


10. Keep control of your belongings at all times

If you sit on the metro or bus and need to place your bag or backpack aside, never leave it on the floor or between your legs. At any moment, you may become distracted, engrossed in your mobile phone, or someone may intentionally distract you, causing you to lose control of your belongings while another person takes advantage of the situation to steal them.

Therefore, when you sit down, always try to keep your bag, backpack, or shopping bags on your lap, and if possible, keep one hand on them. By following this simple behavior, you minimize the likelihood of theft.


What to do in case of a robbery?

In the unfortunate event that you become a victim of a robbery, you may find yourself in one of two situations:

A) You realize it immediately and can identify the thief

In this case, alert the police or security personnel loudly. The intimidation caused by your response may make the thief drop the stolen items and flee to avoid being pursued and to prevent you from alerting law enforcement.

If, unfortunately, the thief manages to escape with your belongings, file a police report as soon as possible, providing precise details of the location and time of the incident. This way, the surveillance cameras in the metro or bus may be able to identify the individual in question. If they manage to apprehend the thief or dismantle the organized criminal group involved, you may have a chance to recover your belongings before they are sold on the black market.

B) You realize moments later and cannot identify anyone

In this second scenario, do not hesitate to file a police report, providing precise details of the metro or bus line you took and the route you traveled, as well as the approximate time of the incident.

Although it may seem incredible, authorities can often identify the thief or the group of thieves who targeted you relatively easily through surveillance cameras. If they manage to apprehend the thief or dismantle the criminal group involved, there is a possibility that you may be able to recover your belongings.



As you have seen, all the measures described above are practical and easy to implement in your daily routine. By applying them, you can ensure your safety and avoid becoming a victim of theft while using public transportation.