What smart plug should you choose for your home?

Smart plugs are a great option to enhance the security of our home, as they allow us to simulate our presence inside by activating lights at different times.

To choose the perfect smart plug for simulating our presence, it should have the following features:

  1. Automatic and random scheduling capability.
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity.
  3. Remote control capability via a mobile application.

A great example of such a smart plug with these basic functions and at a fantastic price is this one:

In addition to the mentioned features, as you can see, it has many other functions that can be useful for other purposes.

In our case, to simulate our presence, it would be sufficient to connect a light to the smart plug and schedule when we want it to turn on. By placing these lights near key windows, we simulate our presence inside the house, giving the impression from the street that someone is home and deterring potential burglars.

As you can see, smart plugs are very useful for enhancing the security of our home while having total control from your mobile phone. If you are interested in discovering many other ways to increase security and monitor your home from your mobile phone, don’t miss this other article.