What security camera should you choose for your home?

Security cameras are an essential element in the security of any home, especially for semi-detached houses or detached houses.

When choosing your surveillance camera, we recommend that it has the following features:

  1. Motion detection.
  2. Night vision.
  3. High image quality.
  4. 360º rotational and 90º tilt movement capability.
  5. Wi-Fi connectivity.
  6. Complete management and control from your mobile phone.
  7. Solar panel and long-lasting battery (for outdoor cameras without access to power outlets).
  8. Free cloud recording service.

To save you the hassle of searching the internet, we provide our recommendations for indoor cameras, wired outdoor cameras, and wireless solar-powered outdoor cameras, all at a great price and with all the aforementioned features:

As you can see, all three recommended types of surveillance cameras have all the functionalities we mentioned for an ideal security camera, as well as many additional features that, while not essential, can be very useful.

Furthermore, we have ensured that they are of excellent quality, easy to install, have good technical support, and offer great reliability and durability (as evidenced by the numerous positive ratings and reviews for these security systems).

In addition to providing free cloud recording service, the manufacturer also offers services for storing recordings for extended periods if you require greater storage capacity (for situations when you are away from home or from your second residence for long periods).

This is crucial because recording with memory cards is ineffective (if the thief takes the camera, you won’t have any footage as they would take the memory card with them, and in any case, memory cards have limited capacity).

If the manufacturer offers cloud storage services, you can store and view recordings remotely from your mobile phone at any time through a simple setup, without the need to hassle with external recording storage systems.

Finally, we recommend acquiring a sign indicating the installation of a surveillance camera, as such notices significantly deter potential burglaries. The one shown below would be perfect: